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The field of business and professional development provides a broad background which can be applied to various industries within a growing global economy. Business and professional development today has expanded its definition to include a broad range of roles within various industries and organizations.

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Our Business & Professional Development Certificate Programs

Certificate and degree programs designed to meet service members unique needs

Financial Fundamentals and Bookkeeping +

Maintaining accounting and financial records is one of the most basic yet critical functions of a good business. This program provides students with an introduction to accounting and bookkeeping. The program is designed for individuals who are seeking to enter the bookkeeping and accounting field.

Human Resources Management +

Human resources management is the process of overseeing a company or organization’s employees. In this role, the human resource manager is responsible for recruiting, training, assessing, and rewarding employees while ensuring the organization’s compliance with various federal and state employment and labor laws. Additionally, human resource management involves the effective utilization of a business’s workforce by managing employee’s organizational activities.

Business Administration +

To meet the demands of the modern business environment, this program prepares students to utilize essential business concepts and software tools to accomplish business objectives. Students are taught how to conduct themselves professionally and communicate effectively in business including interpersonal communication and conducting effective presentations.

Project Management +

Projects are temporary undertakings designed to produce a service, product, or particular result. Projects can vary from home improvement to a company’s new product roll-out. No matter the focus or specialization, there always needs to be a project manager. A project manager provides guidance, organization, motivation, and control to ensure that forward progress is made.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q.Are your programs online?

    A.Yes, all of our programs are offered online.

  • Q.What if I move?

    A.Martinsburg College follows wherever life may take you next. If you move, take your studies with you!

  • Q.What is the cost of books?

    A.Martinsburg College provides all books through an e-library so there is no cost of books to students.

  • Q.Is there instructional support?

    A.Yes we have instructors in every course that be accessed via chat, phone or email.

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