Selecting a Project Management Approach

PMP 2021 Update – Selecting a Project Management Approach

Overview/Description For those responsible for managing projects, understanding the project basics is essential. Project management is affected at every stage by the organization, the social environment, the project stakeholders, and many other aspects of the context in which the project is carried out.

In this course, you will learn about project characteristics, including key terms and concepts and the project manager’s role. You will also explore PM competencies, product and project life cycles, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets that can influence project outcomes. This course will assist learners in preparing for PMI’s PMP Exam (2021 Update).

Expected Duration (hours): 0.9 Lesson Objectives

· discover the key concepts covered in this course

· recognize characteristics of projects

· recognize responsibilities of effective project managers

· distinguish between the three types of project management competencies

· recognize characteristics of portfolios and programs

· recognize organizational stakeholder roles

· identify aspects of organizational culture that will influence a project

· recognize examples of enterprise environmental factors and organizational process assets

· recognize organizational structure types

· recognize characteristics of the Agile methodology

· recognize the characteristics of the project life cycle

· recognize characteristics of the relationship between the product and project life cycles

· identify characteristics of project phases

· Knowledge Check: Reviewing Your Project Management Approach Skills

Course Number: bs_apj30_a02_enus

CPE Credits: 1.5