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Kendall has been a board certified behavior analyst for six years. She attended Lindenwood University, studied psychology during her undergraduate degree and received a master’s in behavior analysis, graduating summa cum laude. She also played and coached on the softball team at Lindenwood University. Kendall has worked in dissemination of behavior analysis, higher education, autism and intellectual disabilities, organizational behavior management, and behavioral sports psychology. Kendall’s specialties in behavior science are dissemination, higher education, and behavioral sports psychology.

Kendall has taken on a few very exciting projects over the past couple of years. She is the author of Talk Behavior to Me: The Routledge Dictionary of the Top 150 Behavior Analytic Terms and Translations. The book will be published in 2024 and teaches people how to speak about and understand behavior science in a more basic way. Next, Kendall is the Vice President of the Dissemination Board of Behavior Analysis, a special interest group affiliated with the Association of Behavior Analysis International. Here, Kendall and her colleagues have started to translate behavior science research into basic language to help make the explanations and strategies more accessible to everyone, especially those who are not behavior scientists. Sign up for their newsletter at DBAsig.com to see what they’re up to! Lastly, Kendall is a successful social media influencer, also known as @the.behavior.influencer on TikTok and Instagram. She posts about how behavior science is used in everyday life with a comedic spin, makeup tutorials, and life hacks/easy to understand explanations about behavior science. Her hobbies include: softball, makeup, Halloween, Maui, exercising, overall wellness, listening to chill house music, and all things summer and pink.

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Our Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

The program provides students with the fundamental skills and underlying principles and knowledge of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) along with practice-oriented skills. The program content is based on the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) 5th Edition Task List. Students will study the foundations of ABA including philosophical underpinnings, concepts and principles, measurement, data display and interpretation, and experimental design. In addition to the foundational and theoretical knowledge taught in the program, students will learn practice-oriented skills including the ethics code for behavior analysts, behavior assessment, behavior-change procedures, selecting and implementing interventions, and personnel supervision and management.

Program Information: 

    • 7 courses
    • 8 week or 16-week schedule (per course)
    • 21 credit hours 

Topics Include: 

    • Identify the goals of behavior analysis as a science.

    • Define and provide examples of behavior, response, and response class.

    • Demonstrate an understanding of measurement, data display, and interpretation in applied behavior analysis.

    • Identify the defining features of single-subject experimental designs.

    • Demonstrate knowledge of the ethical responsibilities of behavior analysts to their clients, supervisees, colleagues, and other stakeholders.

    • Conduct an appropriate and systematic behavior assessment.

    • Demonstrate an understanding of behavior-change procedures.

    • Gather and analyze data that will inform the selection of appropriate intervention plans.

    • Demonstrate knowledge of performance monitoring, feedback, and reinforcement systems.

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